Transportation complex was constructed as a modern building coordinated in line with contemporary requirements for public sites of this type.

Bus station possesses covered space of 7 173 sq.m. All premises are provided with complete A/C. A security company guarantees safety of Bus Station’s employees and visitors. Complex’s territory is outfitted with 130 video surveillance cameras connected to the security system.

Building’s basement houses technical facilities, WCs, automated telephone exchange, and elevator machine rooms.

Building’s ground floor is the most thriving part of the Bus Station. 2 250 passengers using Central Bus Station’s services pass through this section on an hourly basis every day. Ground floor houses the waiting-room with total space of 1500 sq.m., as well as 40 ticket-offices. In order to facilitate travelers, payment may be executed not only in cash, but also via debit and credit cards. Neighboring premise houses space for mothers with children, medical center, and banking branch. Handicapped assistance facilities are also constructed.

Dispatch center provides current information on arriving and departing buses. Data published on electronic information board are constantly updated.

Above the ground floor, at building’s first floor level a restaurant, coffee shop, casino, book store, and store are in operation. Both ends of floor house eight general public lavatories and two handicapped lavatories.

Next three levels house carrier offices.

Simultaneously between 47 and 50 busses from 50 sectors depart Central Bus Station – Sofia on routes at home and abroad.

Clients from entire country can rely on a round the clock information line at Tel.: 0900 21000. Call charge amounts to 0,58 BGN/min. for subscribers of BTC’s standard tariff plan.

Central Bus Station – Sofia is located at address: 100 Kn. Maria Louisa Boulevard.